My name is Justin Tobin, and I am a photographer and videographer located in Cape Breton. I've always been fond of cameras, for both still photography and videography. I didn't get my first semi-pro stills camera until 2007. I had no idea how to use it, other than leaving it on automatic mode and hitting the focus/shutter button.

I practiced voraciously. I put my camera on manual mode and took photos constantly at that point. Self-portraits, landscape shots of beautiful Cape Breton, and my family - including our little Shih Tzu, Chelsea. I was a recent graduate from St. Francis Xavier University, and decided to further my studies by enrolling in Applied Communication Arts at Nova Scotia Community College. This was a great way to network with others who were passionate about art, and photography in particular. I took advantage of the studio there, renting it out many times to practice my craft with friends and fellow classmates.

In 2008, I shot my first wedding, and was surprised at how well I did. My clients were very satisfied. It was a very enjoyable experience, so much so that I didn't see it as work.

I love photographing weddings. Being able to document a very memorable day in the lives of others is a very tranquil, satisfying experience.

Other than being a cape breton photographer, I'm a father of two beautiful daughters, a master at the Stratocaster, and a huge cinema admirer.

If you like what you see, and would like to have me for a photographic session - be it a family portrait, a wedding or anything else - use the contact form on this website or give me a call. Take care.

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